As the evening sun lowered itself to meet the horizon, my man and I walked hand in hand along a country road. Every step carried us farther into golden hills, under a sky, intensely blue and arrayed in sweeps and wisps and feathery puffs of cloud vapor. I listened to birdsong, the lowing of cows, and a delicious breeze—not too warm, not too cool—rustling in the heights of cottonwoods along our creek. In between moments of silence we chatted—about activities of the past week, events in the news, and how to be patient in those times when God chooses to do much of His work behind the scenes.

Two and-a-half miles later we arrived back home as the cloudy wisps began to blush and evening descended into the ending of another day. It was just the needed antidote for my melancholy mood. Senses awakened with each new brushstroke of nature’s ever-changing portrait. Music of sparrows and finches soothed my tired soul. And contrasting sky against golden grasses provided new perspective, with empty seed pods dried paper thin, almost translucent, glimmering faintly from faded sunlight spreading across the landscape…

My spirit was refreshed.

Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed, it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.  –  Genesis 1:31