Strands of Christmas lights still hang along the front of our house. In our busy-ness, time slips by unnoticed, sometimes leaving this task and others, for another weekend or a day without winter’s frosty breath and downpour.

But an unexpected event took place last spring, sort of putting our holiday décor removal plans on hold indefinitely…

A hummingbird moved in.

ImageHer nest took shape, using downy fluff and soft fibers from vegetation, and the gossamer strands of spider webs. No bigger than a little girl’s china teacup, the mama hummer placed two eggs side by side in the bottom, and took her place above them as guardian.

Each time the front door opened or someone approached the porch, this devoted mama became agitated, hovering in the air not too far from her babies, warning us to stay away.

From tiny eggs, the size of jelly beans, came two hatchlings.


Their mama worked diligently seeking food and flying back and forth between field and nest—and our feeder, hanging nearby.

After three weeks the young birds flew away, leaving the nest empty.

Until a few weeks ago when the mama returned… Her latest brood just hatched last week.

This world could use more mamas like the hummingbird.


(Third photo courtesy of Dan Croft)