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I’ve never been able to watch the entire movie “The King and I.” Either I fall asleep mid-way, or get up to look for something else to do. It’s that boring.

But the first time I saw “Anna and the King,” I was enchanted. Everything about it is absolutely beautiful—the acting, the time period, the storyline… little bits of humor intertwined throughout… the costumes, the music—everything!


Besides the king’s confession at the end when he tells Anna he finally understands how a man could be satisfied with only one woman, which is one of my favorite scenes…

And the servants practicing proper English etiquette for the upcoming ball—another favorite of mine…

And when Anna makes her way to the docks, to leave the country and the people she has come to love, yet cannot completely make her own… then goes back to the palace after the prime minister makes his request… When everyone else bows, there she stands…

The bridge blowing up just in time, of course, ranks pretty high…

But, besides so many delightful and poignant moments in this movie, the one that remains embedded most firmly in my memory is

when Princess Fa-Ying, King Mongkut’s favorite daughter,

enters the throne room to tell her father what’s going on

between the two boys in the school room.

By law, no one may stand higher than the king.

All servants, government officials, guests, visitors—everyone in attendance must bow themselves prostrate on the floor.

Because the law says, No one may stand taller than the king.

Yet, here comes Fa-Ying,

Traipsing lightly on bare feet, all the way across the great throne room

(stepping carefully between those on the floor)…

She skips up the steps to the throne where King Mongkut sits.

Then, as this favored daughter of the king enters the presence of her most devoted father, she whispers in his ear.

He listens… grows concerned…

And suddenly all court business is put on hold. He now has a more urgent matter to take care of.

His little girl—this favored daughter—has complete access to his throne and to him.

In all his vast realm, nothing and no one is more important.

No matter how busy he is, no matter who he is with,

She has the freedom and the right to go directly to him with her concern.

Because, she is the favored daughter of the king.


Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. 

—  Hebrews 4:16

Girls, with acceptance of Jesus’ payment for our sin,

we too have access to the throne of our Father.

At any time, in any place, in every circumstance—

Because, you and I are favored daughters of the King of kings.