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In all my travels across these mountains I turn my discoveries and experiences into stories. Reporting not only the facts—who, what, where, when, why and how—but in attempting to paint pictures with words, giving readers a sense of having been there with me.

Most of my stories revolve around outdoor adventures,

the events, the thrills and history of Yosemite (plus the people who keep it accessible),

gifted artists and the beauty they create,

the styles and sounds of local musicians,

non-profit orgs, authors and entrepreneurs,

and of course, the challenges and comforts of life in the country.

As each story unfolds, my whisper is heard between the lines:

If I can do this, so can you…

I learned something here I wanted to share…

Stop a minute to notice your surroundings and be refreshed… or

I think this is pretty amazing—don’t you?

Some accounts come from personal experiences; some are based on the experiences of others.

(Like, when it comes to hiking Half Dome and white water rafting, I’ll take someone else’s word for it, rather than torture myself!)

Hopefully what I write nudges a few people to try something new,

to venture beyond their quiet neighborhood and visit more of Creation’s marvels…

to gain a different perspective on life and the world around us…

and maybe even to view themselves in a new light.

Deb with Deer

Through these experiences my life is richer,

from conversing with an orphaned deer after a devastating fire took its mother,

for having held a hummingbird,

in getting to know artists and musicians who believe so strongly in their work they  push past the obstacles, creating and refining their skills, even when few take notice,

and from talking to men and women who serve their communities without applause or appreciation—just because there lies within them a compulsion to do something that makes a difference.

Learning from others and making their insights my own has ministered to me in ways I never expected.

To be continued…

(Photo courtesy of Brent Gilstrap)