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Not much time for blogging this week, with mornings spent at Vacation Bible School.

Out of 50 to 60 kids, a third were under the age of six!

As moms of little ones hung around for three and-a-half hours,

if they weren’t careful they found themselves drafted to help…

Escorting kiddos to the restrooms, sweeping up popcorn that fell to the floor,

or drying tears and hunting for band-aids when knees (or feelings) got scraped.

Personally, if something involves more than a handful of kids, it’s gonna look and feel like craziness.

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And this week was crazy.

But watching members of a church family in action, their lives intertwined for the sole purpose of pointing kids to Jesus,

and using our varied gifts in so many different ways,

I came to tears more than once.

This week was truly blessed!

Investigation Destination was our theme!

For five days we searched for clues to the King of Kings.

Games, crafts, songs, skits, activities—all pointed to our mission of discovering

Who Jesus is,

why He came,

what He accomplished

and why He’s worthy of our praise.

Most of us wore bright crayon-hued shirts with cool decals (kids, too).

Spy Guy arrived, though, dressed in all black.

He practiced strategies for going undercover: eating a mint to change his voice

and draping himself with a blanket so nobody would recognize him.

(He wasn’t the smartest spy around, but the kids loved him!

Little girls followed him around, begging for his autograph.)

Two dozen adult and teen volunteers served in every capacity and almost every room of the church:

registering visitors each morning, singing and doing hand motions,

baking cookies and filling plates and cups,

building props, cutting and pasting and tying for crafts, teaching lessons,

putting together power-point presentations, running sound and video,

mopping floors when paper towels ended up in the nursery toilet (oops! no wonder it overflowed!),

demonstrating and coordinating the games, and picking up kids to bring them to VBS.

The week before last the same volunteers passed out flyers, exercised lungs by blowing balloons,

printed ID cards, decorated classrooms and so much more.

Among this week’s volunteers were the penny-counters.

Each morning we took a penny offering, to be sent to a missionary in North Korea for the orphans.

(We won’t actually send coins, of course.)

Boys and girls competed to bring the most.

Pennies were poured into buckets, and the heavier bucket pressed the buzzer.

And the louder the craziness got!

Yesterday we reached the $400 mark, and today our total topped $600!

Kids wrapped their little arms around our necks in thanks, and went home singing the songs.

Things at home got a little crazy, too, due to neglect.

Laundry and dishes piled up, and meals were simple.

But there is a time for everything under the sun, and this week was the time for a less-than-clean house,

and everyone fending for himself when hungry.

Thankfully our VBS snack crew provided a banquet of finger foods—keeping the kids,

the workers and my family from starvation!

Several hands shot into the air today when we asked how many kids had invited Jesus into their hearts.

We’re praying these same kids will bring their families and friends

to the closing program on Sunday night,

where they’ll also have the opportunity to discover the King of Kings.

If your Christianity is growing stale, and you don’t have the funds for short-term missions,

get involved with a children’s ministry.

You’ll learn a new definition for the word, Tired.

But in all the craziness, if you stick with it, you’ll find blessings too numerous to count.

…Jesus said, Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them;

for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.  –  Matthew 19:14