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A difficult situation has recently been resolved. I had prayed for years, begging God

to make a change,

to shine His light into dark spaces,


to stop the confusion,

to right the wrongs,

to show Himself mighty,

to make things better.

In praying… there was much waiting.

And in my praying… there was much struggle, watching hardship increase as God waited to provide the answer. (God waits? Yes, God waits.)

All in good time… He replies as often as I need reminding.

In my praying, too, there were many times of frustration, dilemma, tempers rising and patience tried and tried some more, till patience wore thin.

And in praying, there was watching. Jesus said to watch and pray, to be expectant, ready, leaning toward the answer to come, fully prepared to receive the answer that will come.


Waiting is not a posture I assume. Like waiting for an airline… or the Metro… I do not stop what I’m doing, lean up against a wall with arms crossed, and heave an audible sigh—to let the whole world know, Someone is taking His sweet time again and I am having to wait. Again.



Waiting is not plopping myself on a park bench, sitting cross-legged with a good book and a carton of triple fudge brownie ice cream, with ear buds in position—just hangin’ out while waiting for God and the rest of the universe to get on with it. Finally?


No, waiting looks more like walking around in circles—or walking around Jericho (and dodging slushies launched by French peas!).

Have not I commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  –  Joshua 1:9

In my devotions this morning from C.H. Spurgeon, I learned that waiting requires a strong heart. Courage. Resolve. Determination.

It is the weak who falter. (I am often weak, and I too often stumble while waiting…)

Jesus said to him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!  –  Mark 9:23-24

The measure of the strong is how long she can wait. Because in waiting on God, strength is available. For those who desire to be brave, courage is abundant, when we’re willing to wait on Him. And for those who believe, the test of our faith is how long we choose to keep believing.

I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!  –  Psalm 27:13-14

With my prayers answered, after long praying and long waiting, the dust has settled, the roar has calmed. And now, once again, I find myself waiting—for the next move… the next Word of instruction… the next display of His power…

Last night as a few ladies prayed together, one spoke up about her lesson in waiting. She too finds herself growing impatient as those around her grow sluggish.

But God is telling me, she said, to wait, because even though it appears nothing is happening, or worse—that Satan will get the upper hand by stirring up trouble—God too is waiting. And at just the right time He will turn what is upside down, right side up.

My greatest temptation now becomes that of giving up… to grow weary in well doing… to give in to laziness that breeds carelessness… to allow apathy to rob my heart and soul and mind of strength…

The very strength I need for waiting. Because for now, God wants me to wait. And to do the good He’s called me to do, while I wait.

God’s will is worth waiting for. He will not leave me stranded in my waiting, because God never disappoints those who wait on Him.


My soul, wait silently for God alone. For my expectation is from Him… Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah.  –  Psalm 62:5 & 8

Comfort, found in knowing—as I wait on God, God waits for just the right time to reward my waiting.


(Photo of Christians praying courtesy of Steve Evans)