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Am I one (or are you one) who is Nice… so very nice…

with no cruel word or phrase ever passing my lips?

But in apparent Niceness, I drop subtle hints…

I just can’t trust quiet people.


So sad, that she still hasn’t learned how to forgive.


What a missed opportunity to do as Jesus would do, rather than to… (fill in the blank).

When statements are made,

berating another, implying disapproval…

without actually criticizing,

allowing others to come to their own conclusions…

In reality, is this being Nice?


Rather than addressing the main point,

do I direct the focus onto what lies beyond,

to the peripheral—

Why another wasn’t Nice, how the other could be so heartless,

where offense was given, and then taken…

concerning things that aren’t really issues at all?


There are times when hard questions must be asked—

and honestly considered.

Yet, I don’t want to ignore Scripture…

Jesus said to love our enemies, to do good to those who mistreat us,

to pray for those who persecute us.


By His example, His followers are to be peacemakers,

to turn the other cheek,

to give more than what is requested, even if it means going without.

The Teacher told His disciples, no fire would be called down from Heaven

to annihilate a village for not welcoming them…

Actions of that sort are of another spirit, He said…

from the realm of darkness.

Believers are instead to be kind, merciful, tenderhearted, forgiving.

Vengeance is Mine, He warned.

Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves.


The wrath of man accomplishes not the righteousness of God,

but a gentle response will calm an angry spirit.

Regarding the woman of Proverbs 31, any woman of God:

The law of kindness governs her tongue.

So, yes, these characteristics should be found in me,

in you…

in all God’s progeny.

But these attributes are more than Nice—

They are good things—right things—desirable things—

qualities belonging to those who belong to God (see part 1).

If you’re still with me, please don’t miss this:

I don’t have to walk in the Spirit to be nice.

But I do have to walk in the Spirit if I want to be holy.

Nice is just fluff—frosting—whipped sweetness and air—


Decorative, tantalizing taste buds,

yet consisting of nothing to satisfy.

In comparison, things that are truly good have substance.


To be continued…