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Looking back,

she sees the way more clearly.

Rather, sees the ways—

ways she could have taken.

(Should have taken?)


Because too many times,

the way she took was not the only way,

or even the blessed way…

(but she was not the only one who chose another way).


How often she needs reminders:

her future becomes the life she hopes to live today—

determined by choices made today,

and those made in every yesterday of her past.

Imagining her choices stacked in piles

with labels attached to each,

she sees more clearly:



Honest mistake (could’ve done better, lesson learned).


My way instead of God’s.

The amount of choices in each pile reveals much,

answers the nagging query,

How did I end up here?


The first step to a life of blessing

or a life of regret,

is taken today.

Because each day

provides a new opportunity for a new beginning.

Yet upon awaking, no guarantee for tomorrow is granted.

Only today—

heartbeat-36732_1280 (1)this moment… this heartbeat… this breath…

And just because today’s troubles were minimal,

provides no assurance that consequences do not wait on the horizon

from past decisions out of God’s will.

(In the same way, if prosperity and reward are fleeting or few,

do not believe God is unaware.)


As the family structure deteriorates

(due to yesterday’s choices),

the foundation of society also crumbles.

She realized too late:

decisions made by her parents

presented a pattern for her own choices,

and her children’s choices.

With grandchildren now

(even possibly great-grandchildren to consider),

she longs to un-do the past,

to analyze and dissect,

attempting to discover the answer by

blaming those before her.


To be continued…