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Dear Father,

Thank You for Autumn.

For golden hills and golden sun


and multi-colored zinnias in a Mason jar…

For ripened tomatoes plucked from drying vines

to set on the dinner table

in November…

For nature’s jewels, dangling in burnished tones—

russet, red and gold—

drifting from gnarled branches,

floating earthward to carpet the ground…

For walnuts, oranges, pomegranates, pears,


and fire wood, split and stacked to warm us

in weeks and months to come.

Thank You for Family and Home.

For thick afghans and hot cider,

sweaters and scarves,

a cup of cocoa on a chilly morning,


and savory stew, pumpkin pudding or apple crisp at day’s end.

For chimney smoke and healing rosehips and lingering evenings…

For the rhythm and richness of seasons,

the brilliant shades of Creation’s glory,

beneath endless sky of deepest blue

or consoling gray with promise of rain…

For harvest moon and walks at dusk,

before winter’s breath chases bodies indoors…

For heart to heart talks,


help with the dishes,

the comfort of a bed to make every morning,

and owning a floor that needs sweeping,

when so many have so little…

For friends who call and notes to write and plans to make,

For laughter and tears,

handshakes and hugs,

bright days and drear.

And Thank You for this quiet time of conversing

with the only God Who is near,

Who is not a God far away.

For all You’ve done to make me Your child,

the finished work to purchase my pardon…

For listening, loving, caring,

and unceasingly sprinkling my life

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with goodness

and beauty

and daily reminders of You.

In the precious name of Jesus,