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Out of the rain and into the lobby of a budget hotel, we checked in. Peeked into our room and headed back through the lobby, to take the car around to a parking lot in back. Another entrance door stood closer to room #115, the desk clerk told us. Less of a trek in the pouring rain.


Through glass doors we could see the couple standing off to one side, protected somewhat from the weather, in cold darkness. The two stood facing each other, hands held, heads bowed… We opened the door and stepped outside just in time to hear the young man say, “In Jesus’ name, amen.”

We couldn’t help but smile at the quiet, unashamed proclamation of faith, with voice lifted to our Maker, oblivious to weather, traffic, people… just an unexpected bright spark of light to those of us passing by—this unknown couple (yet, known by God) united in agreement, in Jesus’ name.