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We met for coffee the first time about seven years ago. She had read some of my articles in the ladies newsletter published by our church. After settling in she said, You should be writing professionally. Why aren’t you writing professionally?

How? I asked.

Ever think about doing a newspaper column?

Yeah—it’s only been a dream of mine for almost my entire life.

I’ll talk to my editor, she said, mulling over the idea. Then, What kind of column would you want to write?

We passed ideas back and forth.

Several months later my first newspaper column appeared, covering foothills living (in all its forms).

Judy La Salle is not only my sister in the Lord. She is a kindred spirit, a wonderful friend, one of my writing mentors, and affirmer extraordinaire! We live less than an hour away from each other, and meet for coffee as often as our crazy schedules allow, which is never often enough, but such is life…


Every time we’re together we talk and talk and talk and talk. And before parting I always wish I could stuff her in my pocket and take her home with me!

My second Liebster Blog Award nomination goes to Judy of http://justadvice.com/ for her wealth of practical wisdom based on life experience in a variety of occupations.

She’ll be a guest writer here at Ponderings and Promises occasionally. I hope you’ll glean much from the thoughts she has to share.