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Because it brings Him glory,

He asks us to endure—

On distant continent, inhabited by those foreign…

where all is different and nothing breathes familiar,

her senses pick up little of home

beyond the four walls of a drafty, rented house,

beyond the five faces of husband and offspring.

Sights, sounds, smells—all peculiar still.

Attempting to roll strange sounds from her tongue in a language unknown,

she only receives blank stares, weak smiles…

Why did you come? they wonder,

Why not go back to your own land?

Secretly, she wonders the same,

when disease intimidates,

as few are interested,

while finances decrease and budget tightens,

and children’s needs continue to grow.

Then, after years of waiting, catching rain in buckets, mopping messes…

money is provided and laborers gather

during the dry season

to replace the roof.

But, with rooms open to the sky,

unexpected clouds gather, dumping rain(!) inside

on carpeting, furnishings…

Trials, in a continuous stream, replace her plans,

slamming, crushing, testing her faith, weakening resolve,

nudging her to doubt,

as the Enemy mocks their efforts in

pointing strangers to the Creator, the Savior.

Why does everything have to be so hard…?


Because it brings Him glory,

even when it appears otherwise, He will answer—

As complications mount, as burdens increase,

then tumble in an avalanche…

ambition fails as prayers float around her, unanswered,

watching whispers and cries

rising from the depths of her being,

lose altitude, falling at her feet.

Keep praying, they tell her… Don’t give up, says another…

But how long?

Unexpected detours, difficulties compounded,

trials, hardships, plans shipwrecked—

plunged into the muck of a life unrecognizable,

to the girl who dreamed of better,

who instead endures waves of circumstance pounding on her…

not by her design, but by choices of others.

This kind of pain is the reward of a taskmaster,

not a loving Father, she decides.

Are You not aware… Will You not answer…?

Why even bother asking?


Yet, the answer to all our Whys and Hows and Where is God in the midst

of all our trials

is this:

Because it brings Him glory.

God asks of us nothing greater than what He asked of His Son.

And, there’s something else:

God shares His glory

with those who cling to Him,

those who choose to pursue Him

no matter what difficulties arise…

those who will still praise Him

even when the cost is all we cherish…

Because, when our words speak trust,

contradicting the anxious storms within,

He is glorified

and in turn

we are blessed.