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Okay, here goes… swimming against the current… as usual…

My God is Sovereign.

The Most High God is Sovereign.

But, my God, the Most High God is not a Tyrant.


I don’t need to do this, don’t need to say a thing… Doesn’t matter how or why or which side I’m on… Because all that matters is, I’m part of the elect. At least, that’s what they tell me.

Allow me to explain…

You and I, created beings,

live in a world designed, created,

order out of chaos,

fashioned by the spoken Word,

belonging to the Sovereign God.

This Creator, the Supreme Being, claims ownership, and rightly so,

exercising dominion over His kingdom.

He is the One, Superior to all others,

maintaining full authority and complete control over all He created.

Governing all of Cosmos, holding it in place,

keeping it from swirling wildly, disorderly,

preventing a return to chaos,

restraining all activity from moving out of the bounds necessary for life,

the defining lines placed just so, for goodness to come forth.

As Sovereign,

He presides, rules, commands, leads, shapes, directs, determines, decides,

dictates, regulates, reigns over and is in charge of all that is, all that was,

all that will be…

And Creation is subject to His rule. You. I. We. They. All.

Miserably fallen creatures—we will give account to the One

holding the ledger, keeping the books,

writing names in the one book of books.

But… a sovereign being who creates mortal beings,

humans subordinate to him,

and in creating provides places and provisions,

instructions, opportunities,

for profiting, abounding in the world he made,

allowing all (to only believe they have?) the freedom

to choose life as they would lead it…

Yet, at some point in time and eternity past,

that same sovereign had already chosen,

some for privileges—the accepted ones—

while overlooking others, refusing to extend the same privileges,

the same grace to others—the rejected ones…

Then, denouncing, rebuking, condemning, literally damning

those he rejected for their rejection of his goodness…

IF this is how their lives transpired,

what else can be concluded,

but that he first creates reprobates, and then punishes them?!?!

And with that conclusion in view,

what else can one think, but that this sovereign is a tyrant?

Chosen or not… doesn’t change a thing either way. Or does it?

In one article I read: How we believe about election/predestination does not affect

the fact of our salvation. Either way, the outcome is the same.

Yeah, maybe it doesn’t affect some of us. But, it does affect those who, according to you, have not been elected, those who haven’t embraced salvation, believing they are part of the reprobation, ones not chosen… not realizing they do have a choice in the matter… to accept Christ or not. Haven’t you stopped to consider, just maybe it matters to them?


To be continued…