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Where Justice hangs on the one side

and Love, suspended on the other,

God’s Sovereignty is perfectly balanced.


Sovereignty. Justice. Love. Three of His enduring characteristics

performing together in exquisite harmony.

Any conclusion as to how or why or when an individual

was chosen, elected, predestined to salvation (for eternal favor),

absolutely must be held to the standard—

the measure of God’s character,

the criterion for Justice,

the example of Divine Love…

And if the manmade conclusion does not match

what Scripture tells us to be true about the Sovereign God,

and His immeasurable grace,

the conclusion of man’s own making must be discarded, rejected,

no longer considered as a viable solution to the questions

we mortals ponder (and how we ponder!).

God not only rules over His kingdom,

He gave conception and birth and life to Himself, in human form,

becoming not only the Creator of His kingdom,

but becoming one of the created—a main character actually—

within the kingdom He was born to rescue and to rule.

Confining Himself to time and space,

identifying with us, residing among us, suffering torturously, willingly for us,

this Teacher gave us the answers and pointed the way

to Himself—the Eternal One.

Not for a select few,

but for all who come to Him and simply believe.