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In the ladies room at a store this week I overheard a conversation:

How’s the house-hunting going? Woman #1 asked.

You won’t believe it—we found one and the seller backed out. After signing the papers! So we’re gonna sue! Woman #2 answered.

Woman #1 said something I didn’t quite get; then Woman #2 said something like, No, we just found out last night. But they can’t do that. So we’re gonna sue them.


Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, this is how far we’ve come in our American thinking: when somebody does something I don’t like, I’ll just take him to court.

And a God who allows bad things to happen, but doesn’t do anything about it, isn’t the kind of God too many people are interested in. Just ask the nearest atheist.

Our freedom and prosperity came at a huge price paid by those who lived before us. Have we become so far removed from our cultural history and our spiritual history that we believe we deserve all this? That a life of ease is our right? That suffering is a thing of the past, something that only happens in third-world countries, because they aren’t as educated?

If we believe this, we’ve learned nothing from Scripture, from the lives of Joseph, Naboth, Job, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Paul, and many others left unnamed, but referred to in Hebrews 11.

Take a refresher course on world history, America’s colonial period, or read up on how the West was won. It’ll make you sick, or it’ll open your eyes. Either way, looking back should make us grateful.