Once a year an entire hour is stolen from me—snatched right from under my nose, vanished, completely gone. And you may have noticed lately, each year it seems to come earlier than the previous year.

Do you realize we now have more than seven months of Daylight Savings Time? (Actually seven months and three weeks, which is closer to eight months.)

I was just getting used to saying Good Morning to the sun when my eyes open first thing.


Now it’s back to waking up and starting my day in the dark.

Could you make the sun stand still, Hon, so I can finish this…? I’ve been known to ask on occasion.

Or the moon? On one of those late nights before another busy day.

After all, you’d think having a Preacher in the house, there’d be a miracle once in a while. Just maybe?


The sun stood still for Joshua (chapter 10), right? And some of my daily battles can get pretty nasty, too. It’d be nice to have some extra daylight for cleaning the house, managing public relations and piles of paperwork, staying in touch with friends and family, keeping up with ministries, etc., etc. You know… a few more hours in my day…

No rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need any, one college professor used to say.

And I know of a preacher who said he was tempted to pray he’d get sick, just so he could lay low for a few days and get some rest.

Yeah, I get the hour back in the fall.


But by that time my system has made the necessary adjustments. When we Americans (plus Canadians, Europeans, a few South Americans, even fewer Africans and Australians, and a handful of countries in the Middle East) fall back, then we have to get re-adjusted to the real time—which once again disrupts sleep patterns, bovine milking schedules, and farmers’ daily routines, only to go through the entire process again next spring. And all for the sake of the economy.

It looks like, as long as there is Daylight Savings Time, there will be those who love it, and those who don’t.

Happy Spring!