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Some women are just born with a knack for nurturing… with a natural sensitivity toward those in need, possessing effortless insight as to who requires tending, who feels lost inside… they’re able to detect the signs beyond what’s obvious in those lacking the protective attentiveness of an older woman’s compassion and affirmation and wisdom and so much more…




These women, willing to give of themselves, reaching out to fill a void, left by other women who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, or for some reason weren’t available, weren’t ready…

In a sentence—it doesn’t take being a mom to be a mom.

With permission (and names changed) I share the following letter, given to a friend of mine this Mother’s Day, from a young friend of hers:

Dear Peggy,

When I think of moms there are a few things that come to mind: they are women who possess the same title, women who are responsible for all the expected duties derived from society’s standards of what moms should be.

However, there are differences in each mother that makes them different from one another; like physical features, walks of life and personality. Yet, there are just some things that make some moms legendary, for all the days of their lives.

One is their walk with the Lord. Their faithfulness to the home, family and calling of a mother; a spirit of meekness, a giving/sacrificing heart, their loyalty in the dark valleys, and a heart that is given and devoted to unconditional love.

This unconditional love does not just stay in the home, but extends to the people outside the home, with an overflowing display of hospitality. A heart of endurance and gratitude, she sees the best in those around her, and yet has immense wisdom to take something at face value and call it what it is.

All those beautiful characteristics describe you. Not only are you a legendary mom, but also a legendary grandmother. And you have been an amazing grandmother to me; you have stuck beside me in ways I will never understand. But I am and will always be forever grateful for having a special woman as you in my life.

You have helped me grow into a stronger, sensible woman. You have helped me embrace the weak areas of my life, that I am not so comfortable with or never knew were inside me. I had kept myself from exploring the beauty of life, because my mom was gone, and I faced the insecurity of being on my own.

You have been a faithful cheerleader in my life. You have made the tragic things seem not so big, the trials a little lighter, and you helped me to stay mindful that these trials are only temporary—because God’s best is always waiting at the end of every obstacle, and we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us so.

You have helped me carry these burdens with grace, to increase my faith, and to help me endure life with an expectancy of hope, when there was none, holding onto the hope of a greater and better future.

You have taught me that making mistakes is okay. You have also showed me that I am still loveable even when I’m not all put together on the outside. You helped me believe in myself when I thought I couldn’t.



Thank you for all the time, effort, energy, support, love and financial means you have blessed me with; for always being a blessing, for allowing me into your home and under your wing; for never ceasing in helping and teaching me little things that will one day make me a wonderful woman, and one day a wife, Lord willing, and a beautiful mother—essentially, an amazing gift to the world just like you!

Those memories will forever live in my heart. I love you so much. I hope you have a blessed and amazing Mother’s Day. May the Lord show you His love, favor, blessing, peace and grace, to forever shine upon you.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you so much, and most of all you are the best and always will be. No one can ask for anything better when they have you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Jenna