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With a single verse this morning God had my attention.

After the Preacher left for the day, after all was quiet, before the rush of responsibility pulled me this way and that, I read through one chapter of Proverbs, then started reading a second chapter… Made it to verse three and stopped.

Read it. Re-read it.

Ever felt a showering of Heaven’s peace? Taking in each word, I sat, still… letting the promise wash meaning over me, once, twice, again and again.


The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish…  –  Proverbs 10:3a

Because Christ’s blood has washed this soul pure, trading my filth for His cleanness, I am made good. By His goodness flowing and filling in me.

And in making me good, He makes me His. In making me His, my needs become His obligation.

This pitiful one who makes His will my choosing, becomes the object of His concern. And the God who spoke all things into existence, giving shape and substance from mere breath, makes Himself accountable to supply nourishment for my hungerings, refreshment for my longings…

Once favor is extended, once that same favor is accepted, I become the recipient of God’s careful attention—His daily grace poured and showered, cascading in streams all around… tiny rivulets collecting at my feet… surrounding me with puddles and poolings of grace.

And I fall to wallow in His favor.


Immersing myself in the weight of His words, His avowal to me, I bathe in the promise that all I ever need will be met by Him… all I long for will find His supply…

Carrying with me through all the moments and hours of this day a simple verse—only ten words, yet strung together in this one phrase among so many other phrases—I discover a depth of significance…

And I roll around in the wideness of the flow, allowing assurance to sweep away the polluting waters of anxiety, inconstancy, doubt, fear—all of me that is contrary to Him…

to emerge each new day, and on that final day, when prostrate before His throne, thoroughly and amazingly and everlastingly clean.