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I wouldn’t trade my two kiddos for anyone else’s.

Not for any amount of money, either.

Wouldn’t do it.

Not interested.

Don’t even ask.

My #1 girl posted a note on Facebook this week and tagged me.

Maybe you’ve seen it.

It was a letter written by a school-aged boy:

Dear’ Mom,

Thank you soooo much for being my mom. if I had a different Mom I would punch her in the face and go find you.

(I left his grammar intact. Moms are so thrilled with sweet notes from their kids—we don’t care what the spelling and punctuation look like!)

I commented to my daughter:

Aww! And if I had any other kiddos, I’d take them to the SPCA and search the world over to find you and J!

Realistically, if my dad had retired in South Carolina as he originally planned, we wouldn’t have moved to Arizona, and I wouldn’t have met Ron or gotten married or had J and E or…


Which obviously means I would have had kids other than my two, kids who currently do not exist and never will exist.

But they’d be my kids.

And I’d love them as much as I love these two.

I probably wouldn’t give them away or get rid of them, cuz I wouldn’t know my two kiddos, cuz they wouldn’t exist, either.

Complicated, I know—a little like Science Fiction!

(Which I can’t stand, because it makes no sense whatsoever. Sort of like this blog post. But where were we…?)

And did you know, if my mom had married Sam instead of my dad, my dad wouldn’t be my dad, because Sam would be.

But that means I wouldn’t be here.

And I wouldn’t have met my husband.

(Because he’d be married to someone else.)

Or had these kids.

All of whom I am madly in love with and wouldn’t trade for the world.

Just in case you’re wondering.

Can you tell there are only two more sleeps until graduation?!?! Which might explain why I’m so giddy!