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With every power outage, any saved messages on our answering machine are lost. Forever.

Yes, I’ll remember to pick up the library books…

and I’ll call the artist who contacted me, or the piano teacher, a church member, a shop owner, my editor…

and our girl will be at work till ten…

or did the Preacher mention the meeting? A reminder puts the latest event on the planner.


Life’s details, daily family matters, schedules and responsibilities—spoken into one device to be recorded by another, when nobody’s home. Or we’re working in the garden. Or down the street chatting with a neighbor.

Do other moms save their grown kids’ messages?

With a son busy pursuing his future and at times traveling the globe, hearing his voice only happens occasionally. Then, any saved message is listened to repeatedly.

Until the power goes out.

After five years living in the East for college and work, J moved back to Arizona, where he spent most of his junior high and high school years. He had only been there a few days when he called.

Hi, Mom. I know you’re not home, but I just wanted you to know—I was driving through our old neighborhood today, and when I saw our house, I wanted to run in and hug you. I love you. Call me, okay?