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Week before last I rearranged our living spaces in this old house. I sorted through one pile of paperwork. (I know, it’s only one. But I’m hoping to sort through my other piles before summer’s over.) The hot pink bedroom got cleaned(!) And over the weekend I rearranged my blog.

This time last year our family grieved the loss of our pug. And ran our Vacation Bible School program at church the same week.

(Note: The week after the senior pastor resigned, leaving the rest of us to fill the gaps in the summer of The Great Upheaval. Not many months later the youth pastor left, and we stepped in there, too. With the magnitude of these administrative changes, it’s been an insanely busy twelve months. On top of it being our youngest’s senior year.)

But back to VBS…



Last week we did it again. Arrived at church every morning to tell dozens of children how much God loves them… that He has a specially-designed plan for their lives.

In the annual penny wars we challenged the boys to sink the girls’ boat, and the girls to sink the boys’ boat. Tens of thousands of pennies were collected for missionaries, so children in Russia can attend their own Vacation Bible School.

Two little guys asked Jesus to save them. Both come from homes where God’s name is rarely mentioned. I’ve added their names to my prayers.

By the middle of the week, as the music played over the sound system before and after our group gatherings, I heard more than one child’s voice singing along… doing things God’s way. His truths were already implanted in their tiny, sponge-y minds and hearts.

It can be exhausting work corralling kids, and by the end of the week we were more than tired. But it was a good tired, a blessed weariness in seeing God working mid the efforts of so many.

I count myself richer to be part of this body of talented, dedicated teachers, crafters and helpers. No matter what the current project is, they’re the ones who volunteer, who bring their best ideas and resources, who roll up their sleeves to offer their time and energy and expertise for Kingdom work. (Another side-note. Sorry.)

And I made some new friends. Who cares that they’re only three feet tall! They give the best hugs, and they held my hands while we sang, their faces beamed while carrying in their bags of pennies, and they chased me down the hall to come look at their tiny plaster volcanoes.

I’m already missing them, with VBS over.

I want to hold on to the good times, to the moments that glow with something Divine. When recognizing God’s fingerprints everywhere I look, I wish for time to stand still. So I can bask in the presence of goodness.

But deep down I know—I can’t hold on to the temporal, not even the best of the best in this fleeting temporary-ness. These golden moments slip between my fingers, no matter how tightly I clench my fist, no matter how intensely I wish for them to remain.

Interestingly, this brief life brings a continual tide of changes, alterations, replacements, rearrangements. Coming in, going out, people and positions shifting here and there, little ones growing taller, smarter… grown-up ones pursuing their futures… older folks moving on, moving in with relatives, sometimes passing into eternity.

Seasons come, seasons fade, with no way to stop the cycle. And suddenly we’re approaching mid-summer. Before long it’ll be school supplies and hot cocoa on our shopping lists, instead of beach balls and sunblock, with the continual turning of pages in my planner.

To be continued…