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We are needy souls.

Starved for love, craving affirmation,

longing to be known—really known.

Hungering for something we can’t pin down,

thirsting for intimacy

out of reach and beyond description.

Stories and songs brim with the romance

of incomparable love from another realm,

and successes strung as pearls,

of brave knights and tireless heroes

leading the way,

ever just ahead

and always at our side,


never leaving us alone

to face our inadequacy.

The common thread woven through each of our lives

is this Godless void

resulting from the Fall.

Man blames woman for being deceived.

She blames him for choosing her.

Both, caught in guilt,

hurling down the black hole of insecurity.

Always the acute awareness, we don’t measure up.

Can’t quite reach the invisible standard of good enough,

even when we try,

giving all we’ve got,

three hundred percent or more…

Still not enough.

And we know it.

In commonality we fall short.

As humans, individual, corporate,

stumbling our way to who knows where,


hoping we arrive intact,

praying for pardon…

within our eyes, the despair

of this constant shame,

burdening our efforts,

failing in the writhing to redeem ourselves.

Those #1 in sales, from albums to insurance,

striving to remain on top…

Best-selling authors comparing lists,

hoping the next book will out-sell titles past…

Actors, actresses, dancers, musicians, playwrights, others,

with platinum, gold gleaming on million-dollar walls,

winged statues on shelves,

ever coveting more, just one more…


Favor and charm whisper lies,

drawing us in with promised assurance of success,

that all we’ve sought is finally found.

But when the lights dim,

and crowds are gone,

costumes and tuxedos hang in the closet,

and we dine alone—

we know it’s not true,

we know we’ve been deceived

in thinking attainment is within our grasp,

that temporal thrills are meant to last,

and immortality comes from being good.

But why this deception,

and what to do with guilt,

this knowing that we aren’t who they believe us to be?

How to escape the monotony,

that reappears the week after the pinnacle is reached,

when the fireworks and accolades fade?


This is why Jesus came…

the Prince from the kingdom of making peace with God,

the Rescuer of our restless souls,

the Savior of a world gone wild

and carried away by human rationale.

The One who loves us enough to die for us.

Beyond anything understood,

beyond anything we care to admit,

hinted at in fairytales of happily ever after.

Such a death

willingly offered,

implies that what we did

must have been worse than bad.

Can we understand how Holy God is?

How lacking we are

standing at the edge of this great gulf between Heaven and me,

between righteousness and wretchedness?

That all we see and touch is transient?

Our lives exist within a world where God lives,

by His design and of His making,

while daily we touch glimpses of forever

as eternity whirls unseen around us.

For those who are born anew

by the unfathomable Love

past the price you or I would pay,

or could pay,

we can point the lost ones

to find the only One

who fills what is empty,

who lightens our darkness,

who opens the black depths,

and reaches out to rescue.


Because this one thing we share—

the inability to find or give or receive or fabricate

the Love our souls crave,

the removal of guilt and regret,

without the One who loved enough to die for us,

who died so we don’t have to.

(Dedicated to the family of Robin Williams and all families hurting from suicide.)