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This little light of mine…

one glittering star at a time.


We like the BIG,

the GREAT,


the WOW moments,

the truly stupendous evidences of God’s POWER,

in our life, our family, our church, our relationships,

workplace, neighborhood, country, world.



We long for Miracles,

for downpours of Blessings

and Divine splashings and overflowings and explosions

of Goodness (with a capital G),

for waters parted and heavens split,

for rays of sunlight bathing this parched earth…

We want cripples healed and vision restored,

disease and difficulty to disappear, vanish,

in an instant, in the immediate, right-this-minute-fast.

Yesterday, if possible.

We desire to know Him more.

To hear His voice,

in the thunder, in a whisper.

To see Him here.

To feel His Being

close, personal, intimate, in the now,


where I am,

in my presence.

But in looking for the inferno,

we miss the tiny flickers


of God’s real presence

very near,

here, there, beyond,

beside me, before and behind me

(and yes, you, too)…

We dismiss the burning sparks,

splinters of heat ready to light miniature fires

across the landscape,

lighting our world.

We despise the small, the insignificant,

the all-alone or not-quite-good-enough.

What happens when one little light joins another little light,

and another,

and another,

and another…?



These words keep streaming through my brain lately:

When you feel you’re too small,

to do any good at all…

a single candle in the dark…

somebody needs the light you have…

let your light so shine…

don’t underestimate the God you follow…

He is the Light that burns inside your soul,

so keep on shining till the whole world knows…

we are shining like the stars,

we are pushing back the dark.

(Lyrics by Josh Wilson)


What does it take to keep pushing back the dark?

Just one little light.

Never under-estimate the power of a tiny flame.