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Have you seen the latest objectionable/controversial Halloween costumes? A cigarette and marijuana leaf. For babies.

And they’re almost sold out(!)

But I’m not done ranting. There’s a pimp costume, too. For babies. (*exasperated sigh*)


A California company recently “unveiled” its latest designs, and several news sources picked up the story.

Public comments range from:

Nothing cute or funny about these!

What are you thinking?

And people wonder why our kids have problems when parents don’t use more sense!


Aww… they’re adorable.

Kids do grow like weeds.

Yeah, our kids are living things, but

Have we forgotten? The kind of care we invest in our children while they’re young is directly related to the type of adults they become.

Just maybe some don’t realize the impact our beliefs (or lack of) have on the little people around us. And even if we think we don’t have a set belief system, we do. The absence of moral integrity in a parent or mentor’s life will influence the impressionable ones who are watching, listening, absorbing… Because children’s hearts and minds and souls are living, breathing sponges.


Their tiny feet will follow our footsteps… little hands will pick up—using, tasting, inquiring and wondering about the same things we handle—the things we value.

Terms like code of conduct, scruples, standards, morals, principles and ethics have been tossed aside in exchange for immorality masked as Just free to be me!

Planting and nurturing values is a huge part of family life—people belonging to, respecting, serving and looking out for each other. And home is the place for shaping character, for bringing up children to benefit and continue building a healthy society.

Churches and schools should reinforce our ideals. And the people we spend the most time with should challenge and remind us to keep striving for all that’s good and right, pure and true, all that lifts us and leads us to follow wisdom.



By God’s design.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.  –  Proverbs 1:7

But as frightening as these baby costumes are, driving by any high school on Halloween can be just as scary. Teen girls walk around in skimpy outfits, baring as much skin as they can get away with. Costume companies encourage it. School staff members excuse it. And parents buy into it.

A Snow White costume for your five-year-old comes in the Disney version. But if you’re looking for teen and adult sizes, don’t be surprised to find Snow White’s bodice cut low, the skirt cut short, with black nylons, heels and garish makeup to complete the look.

Since when did Snow White become a bad girl? I thought that role belonged to someone else.

Ignorance… apathy… a deadened conscience… the desensitizing to anything unwholesome (another one of those unused words again)… kids raising kids… parents pursuing their own interests… adults not comprehending or being unwilling to take the responsibility for guiding the younger generation into maturity…

With the disintegration of American family life comes the deterioration of values, the exaltation of pleasure, self-indulgence (and every other idea preceded by self-), rugged individualism, carnal passions… the list goes on.

As believers we must not follow the path of Anything goes, or It’s okay—they’re just having fun.

The world doesn’t know better.


But we should.

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.  –  1 Corinthians 10:31

It’s become sort of a package deal, as our culture slips to lower levels of indecency, giving in to our vulgar selves, goodness is oppressed, even disdained. And evil is revered. The new religious idol.

Our once polite and civilized society will eventually erode into barbarism. Just check the history books and you’ll find it. Greek, Roman and Persian nations fell from within.

And the west wasn’t called wild ‘cause of the coyotes.

Where will we draw the line?