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The architect overlooked one thing. As the sun shines on his 120-foot, metallic sphere, a cross appears in the mid-section.

In a country where Christianity was forbidden.

Mid an era of military and political tension.

Above a city imprisoned by its own government.

Over a people divided by the backwash of hatred and circumstances beyond their control, leaving them in search of freedom, separated from loved ones, scrounging for some scrap of hope.


After the German Democratic Republic closed churches and suppressed religion on the eastern side, and the tower rose on the landscape, westerners watched from across the concrete wall.

They called it, The Pope’s Revenge.



Rising over 1,200 feet, Berlin’s television tower is the tallest free-standing structure in Germany. Inside the revolving sphere a café is open to customers on one of the levels. Since the wall came down 25 years ago, this tower is viewed by one million visitors a year.

Also housed within the communications center are television and radio stations, and who knows what else. It was constructed during the Cold War, after all. And built to be a symbol of Berlin.

Nice touch, the cross.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A gravesite in an English village churchyard has a tree growing from it. Or several trees, depending on your viewpoint.

On her deathbed Lady Anne Grimston voiced her lack of faith in Jesus Christ. Scoffing at others’ belief in eternity, she mumbled something about trees breaking open her grave if there is such a thing as life after death.

Tourists visit this cemetery just to see the massive tree with at least four separate trunks growing through the marble burial tomb.

Lady Anne Grimston's Grave

Because she lived over 200 years ago, no one alive today can testify to her dying words. Some believe the tale is fiction—a superstitious invention.

Perhaps it is.

But then again, perhaps not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Charles Darwin believed the giraffe’s neck is an example of the evolutionary process.

In the wild, because a longer-necked animal can reach leaves at the top of trees where foliage is more abundant, giraffes have a greater chance of survival during droughts.


This statement alone makes sense, but it doesn’t prove anything about evolution.

Darwin concluded that over time, as in millions of years, the giraffes’ necks became longer and longer, from having to reach farther for food. He claimed this elongated-neck trait was passed on to their offspring.

But that’s like saying, if I always eat my food with a large serving spoon, increasing the size of my mouth, my children will be born with wider mouths than the children of parents who eat with smaller spoons.

And if Darwin was correct, the Karen women of long-neck tribes in Southeast Asia would give birth to long-necked children. Over time the necks of generations to come would continue to lengthen.

But Thai and Burmese children are born with average-size necks.


Darwin’s suppositions about the giraffe are incorrect for other reasons, too.

Fossil evidence does not show such gradual changes in the length of neck or legs on giraffes from the past. There is no proof of giraffes (or other animals) in transitional stages of development at any time in the earth’s history. The fossil records we do have reveal great similarity between past and present animals—in weight, height and length of stride.

Besides the fact that male giraffes are much taller than female and young giraffes, if the theory of natural selection is accurate, giraffes would have become extinct centuries ago, because the female and young of the species would not have survived.

And during the evolutionary process as species supposedly undergo change, certain characteristics must be in place at the same time in order for life to continue. One attribute could not evolve and then another and then another. Survival under these conditions is impossible.

Finally, rather than the giraffe being an icon of evolution, as Darwin thought, this beautiful animal is an icon of creation. Three complex characteristics work together within the heart, neck and head of the giraffe:

The strong heart pump that pushes the giraffe’s blood several feet high to reach its head, would prove too powerful when the giraffe bends down to drink. Gravity alone would cause the blood to rush to the brain, causing an aneurysm and instant death.




But this unique and masterfully-designed creature comes with spigots/valves on its neck arteries that close when the neck lowers, restricting blood flow.

And with twice the blood pressure as a human, a web of tiny blood vessels rests near the brain to expand and absorb the blood (like a sponge), hindering a rush which would cause the animal to faint, or cause damage to the eyes and brain.

These mechanisms constantly work together and have worked together at just the right time, in just the right way, to ensure the health of the giraffe for thousands of years. None of which could have happened by chance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In 1841 Charles Lyell conducted research on the Niagara River gorge. In studying the limestone and shale, and erosive effects of water and spray on the landscape, he also spoke with local residents. From one man’s observation after living there forty years, Lyell learned that the falls had receded a little over three feet per year.


At that rate the gorge would be less than 12,000 years old, giving proof of a young earth. But Lyell didn’t want to accept the Bible’s record of creation, and revised his findings to support his own beliefs. He claimed the gorge was 35,000 years old, because it was 35,000 feet long.

As an English gentleman, people believed his report without checking any further. This contributed to English and American societies’ early acceptance of evolution. It also influenced Darwin’s research.

In later years, though, Lyell’s conclusions were proven wrong. Further research showed a rate of erosion above five feet per year. Lyell’s “findings” have since been discarded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Truth cannot be hidden indefinitely. Men and women foolish enough to try and conceal what God has created to be so, eventually discover that truth refuses to remain incognito. Whether the evidence proves God’s existence, or reveals man’s sin.

And truth brings freedom to all who embrace it.

Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  –  John 8:31-32