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If you look for more images with this post, you won’t find any.

Earlier this week 21 Christian men were beheaded. Martyred for their faith, in the name of Jesus Christ.

As their bodies fell onto the sand, 21 souls left this earth to reside beyond heaven’s gates, in a kingdom that has no end.

To spend eternity with Another whose blood was spilled.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

What church did they belong to and what were their forms of worship?

Which authors did they read? What schools or colleges did they graduate from?

Were they married or single? And how many kids did they have?

Which news outlets did they follow?

What translation of the Scriptures did they use?

What was their style of dress, their taste in coffee and music and theater, or their pastimes and preferences and other interests?

These questions and whatever answers might be given prove meaningless in light of this week’s horrors.

Because this war against Christians is not about the economic status of someone’s native homeland, as suggested by one spokesperson.

The rebellion wasn’t started as a result of poor education or social oppression, or religious practices and preferences and tags and denominations, or any of the endless fringe issues and trivial matters some among us make paramount.

And it didn’t start on September 11th, 2001.

This conflict bears the same characteristics as the Crusades. And the rivalry between Abraham’s sons. The deception in the Garden. The pride of Lucifer before the beginning of time.

Because this is a Holy War. A battle for control and rights and entrance to the heavenly realm.

And this struggle will not end until Satan and his minions are thrown into the lake of fire. Forever.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Waves and tides have since washed away the evidence. But God will not hold murderers guiltless. Physical life is His alone to give and to take.

But in case you’re wondering, as I do at times… how will we respond if religious persecution returns to our shores? Because lovers of old Babylon seek preeminence again, to restore her former glory across the globe. And the book of Revelation gives clues.

Do you realize then, if they succeed, our enemies will have only one question:

Who do you worship—the god of Ishmael or the God of Isaac?

Nothing else will matter.

So why does it matter now?