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Mondays are so misunderstood.

And my girl and I share common sentiments—

each Monday offers a new beginning.

Just think – fifty-two brand new chances every year!

The pinnacle of an entire week of unused days,

on an empty planner waiting to be filled, each box open to opportunities.

Those tiny spaces are designed for flexing muscles and engaging our minds and hands


in privileged, gifted or developed skills.

Mondays can be for dressing up or going casual,

for serving others and coaxing a smile from those who need a reminder of the Creator’s care,

and savoring the prospect of unspent hours (of this precious commodity called Time)

on this first day of the work-week

with the people we connect with,

the family members we love,

and other human souls within our spaces – those we’re close enough to

for investing in, for influencing, for mentoring,

reminding them of the unlimited reasons for waking up and celebrating the new day!

soldier-708726_640But I get it if you hate your job.

And I’m sorry.

Because I’ve been there, too.

That place where every Monday is awful,

a dreaded reminder of your less-than-fulfilled life.

Where neon numbers on the clock interrupt,

demanding you leave the comforts of rest and home

to push yourself forward into sterile rooms of buildings you’d rather not be,

unwelcoming, less than stimulating, maybe even threatening.

When work is not a chance to create,

but a chore, an unending test of endurance.

Or a cage.


But even when Mondays fail to rise where our dreams lure us,

we can still use them to our advantage.

If endure you must,

face the challenge with boldness.


Because moderation is for cowards,

and those hanging back in fear won’t reach the finish line.

When boredom threatens,

look for ways to add zing,

viewing each day as a fresh canvas,

a blank page,

stones for stepping on to reach the other side of monotony.

Today offers a new possibility for discovering goodness,

finding beauty,

planting seeds of eventuality,

adding the warmth of sunshine to someone else’s day.



You’ve been given the gift of Monday.

What will you do with it?