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I finally figured it out! The super power I would choose if I had the option. Because we all know it isn’t, but the question still gets asked. And it finally hit me.

I would choose… *drum roll*…

The power to freeze time.

I mean, flying would be fun – soaring above whipped cream clouds, appearing and disappearing whenever and wherever I want, like the angels – one minute I’m there, and the next minute I’m – Where’d she go?


And Elasti-girl is cool…

The power to change my size could be useful…

And sleeping above the skyline under the stars on a webbed hammock is tempting…

But just the other day I realized: I want the power to make time stand still – and everyone around me – so I can keep on doing what I need to do without distractions or interruptions or the pressing demands of whatever else is going on at the moment.

Preparations for family dinners and church events, and trying to figure out how to create end-of-the-year queries and reports in eTapestry, wouldn’t be stressful if I could take all the time I needed. Every time I needed.

Oh no! The ice machine doesn’t work! Can someone run to the store…? And we need more cookies, too!


More of those defining moments and Kodak moments and absolute memorable moments I wish could be engraved on my heart forever, would be… Because I’d stop to take the pictures and scribble in my journal and just sit and watch and savor and be in the moment for longer than just a moment…

And I’d never run out of that precious commodity we can’t ever seem to find enough of.

And no one would grow older while they’re frozen in time. Remember playing freeze tag? Walking around our friends who weren’t allowed to move…

During the holidays I could really use those extra hours. Maybe even slip in to the front of the line at the check stands in JCP. Hey, I could refill my cup with FroYo, too!

But really, those aren’t the reasons I’d use my super power.

There’s just not enough time to enjoy Christmas as a season – this most wonderful time of the year – or any season, really.

Each time it comes around, more events and activities and kids’ programs and caroling parties and pot-lucks and cookie exchanges are added to the calendar. And time runs out. And I’m scrambling to keep up. Whew! Don’t you go crazy just thinking about it all?!?!

And then December’s here, and in a whoosh it’s gone. And the New Year is here, and the race starts all over again. And I feel like I missed so much…


Opportunities pass by. And projects sit undone. Waiting for another holiday or spring break or the next three-day-weekend. How many times lately have I purchased fabric, only to wish I hadn’t, because I ran out of time. How many times have I planned to use vacation time to clean out the attic, but we ended up going somewhere instead.

So I figure, Maybe next year.

But then next year is more of the same. And I’m not getting any younger, and I’m definitely not feeling more ambitious to tackle my To-Do list like I did ten and twenty years ago!  I mean, I’ve lived with the clutter and lived without the handmade toile drapes hanging on my living room windows for this long already, so what’s another year…?


(And I don’t even have grandkids yet. My friends tell me, life gets even busier with grandkids.)

Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly!

And my daughter had the nerve to be born four days after the big day!

So, in case I have even less time to write and post anything here this month, and because I cannot foresee having time to send out Christmas cards (What’s a Christmas card? she asked) to tell you how special you are and how thankful I am God brought you into my life, allow me to say it here:

If you’re spending two minutes of your precious time to read this… (Do you know there are thousands of free stock Christmas photos I could have looked through for this post?)

Or you’re someone I see on a regular basis, or we’re church family, or we work together on behalf of the orphan, or you edit and/or read my weekly newspaper column, or we’re related in some way (and you’ve forgiven me the sins of my youth, Thank you very much!), or you’re a long-time friend living across state lines, or you’re someone in my life here and now, someone I love wrapping my arms around and *ahem* wishing I could use my super power…

I wish you:


Because, I can’t imagine my life without you. And God has used you to make my life more full (more busy, too, but I’m trying to overlook that fact at this particular moment).

At least the tree is done. And the kids are coming home. What more could this Mama want?

Only ten more days till Christmas!