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One year ago yesterday was a Saturday morning, April 4th  – the day before Easter.

I checked the online newspaper, to make sure my column had printed.

It did.

I opened my email inbox while eating shredded wheat with blueberries and rice milk, expecting a note from a reader or two commenting on my weekly country life musings.

I only planned to sit there 10 or 15 minutes, before preparing for Sunday’s service and then packing for our trip.

We were leaving the next afternoon to spend that following week visiting our kids. Both lived in different parts of Southern California.

The last thing I expected was to find a job offer in my inbox.

I found you on LinkedIn and think you’d be perfect for this position… she wrote.

She was Brandie, the COO of the nonprofit organization, Christian Alliance for Orphans.

Would you be available for a phone interview on Tuesday? I live in San Diego (same time zone as you).

I started shaking – so excited and completely stunned.

Our son lived in San Diego(!)

My thoughts and emotions collided with disbelief, while working on figuring out how to rearrange our schedule to squeeze in not a phone interview, but a live-and-in-person-interview in San Diego! In two days!

I sent our son a text asking if he had a few minutes for a call. We talked, and he said an interview could definitely fit into his plans.

The next hour was filled with conversation and emails and calls between the COO and me, the Preacher and me, and our son and me.

Brandie was thrilled with the option of meeting in person.

And yes, Jeremy knew where Seaport Village was and how long it would take to drive there from his house. And yes, we’d still have time for a hike in the morning before meeting Brandie – and a shower for me after the hike. And there’d still be time to tour USD’s campus afterward.


Since this time last year, my life is so much fuller.

If you follow me, you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged as much, now that I’m a working woman and part of CAFO.


All these months I’ve been beyond amazed at what a beautiful story God wove (Brandie’s words in a recent email) in my life, by using three decades of this stay-at-home-mom and preacher’s wife’s jumbled work and ministry experiences (and not nearly enough college credits) to fit my new role with CAFO “perfectly.”


Life brings new challenges, especially since I wasn’t as proficient a year ago in Microsoft Word and Excel as specified in the job description.

I’m learning computer skills, stretching my brain creating spreadsheets and mining data from eTapestry’s database.


I’m developing new relationships with believers across the country and around the world.

I’m seeing God work in ways I never knew existed.

I’m helping in a small way, couples to find orphaned or at-risk children, and helping lonely, waiting children find families. And hope. And love. And the God who loves them beyond measure.


I’m juggling more than ever before. But I’m also learning greater lessons in faithfulness, perseverance, diligence, trust, humility, love, and discovering that the depths of His wisdom go beyond anything I realized.

By doing the work God gave me to do all those years in the home, in ministry positions and as other opportunities came along, I had no idea the skill set God was creating. Then at just the right time, in exactly the right way, He opened a door for me I never dreamed possible.