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Half a century ago we were convinced modern appliances, faster modes of transportation and convenient communication would save us time.

But we had more time back then. Even though the immediate world was smaller. At least it was safer. And more manageable. (And dare I say, more enjoyable?)

What happened?

Now that I have the world at my fingertips, I’m considering re-considering. And letting go of all this access to more and more and still more – most of it stuff I don’t need, will never need.

Now hours can be lost in the black abyss of tens and hundreds of thousands of options and opportunities. To read, to buy, to follow, to pin, to keep up with…

Making an online purchase should be quicker, easier. No driving to the mall, no waiting in lines, no frustration with the limited selection. But so many choices boggle the mind until I’m paralyzed.

And how many recipes or decorating ideas does one woman need? Or will realistically use in one lifetime? Not 8,000 surely!

I can’t do it all. Or have it all. Or be so much to everyone around me. And neither can you.

And why are so many facets of life measured by their size?

We’ve traded immensity for sanity. And for stability on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Which is why spas and yoga classes and the massage therapy industry are all booming.

Singing my children to sleep and making music in my church can be meaningful. To the people I care most about. Without my pursuing a YouTube channel or rock star status.

This is a good thing.

And it’s okay for a local nonprofit org to remain local and small. To help a few dozen people a year instead of thousands. Those few dozen people need what you have to offer.

Another good thing.

Serving thick shakes on a hot day, with a smile makes a difference to the customers in your town.


And keeping the tables and bathrooms clean in the restaurant or store you work at means a ton to moms and dads and grandmas with little ones.

More good things.

Your work matters, even if only a few people benefit from it. Do it well. A small task done with much care is a great work. Work we all could use more of.

And enjoy your limited sphere of influence. At least you still have your sanity.

For who has despised the day of small things?  –  Zechariah 4:10