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They don’t come natural. And I didn’t learn them early. This girl comes by them hard – through lessons learned while plowing through the thick muck of human frailty leaking day after day after day – not just yours, but mine, too. So much of mine! While hunkering down, gritting my teeth, crying and praying and picking up one foot, then the other, moving forward, slow but sure.

I never realized how stubborn I am. Didn’t think I was one to have to learn things the hard way. Till these later years when hindsight has brought clarity.

Small victories I’m gaining in relationships, in organizing masses of people and data and projects. In these long years struggling, and now understanding… how to use diplomacy, and extend grace… to change my view to match yours.

And His.

What grace is mine!

But grace hoarded, withers useless, worthless, of no effect.

Do you expect Me to be merciful when you are not? God asks. You seek forgiveness while you give none?


Grace levels the playing field across humanity.


Every one of us needs it – no exception. But it’s in humble receiving that we learn it. Realizing our own lack, and then reaching for the source. So we can give. With sensitivity and gentle compassion.

And in the offering, my vision is enhanced, magnified to discover – the more grace I give, the more grace He gives.

And I am one step closer to seeing the way He sees, to loving the way He loves.