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Maybe we would make a greater impact if we practiced more and criticized less. If what we say we believe matched the way we live out what we believe.

What if the Christ-followers in this country (founded on Biblical principles) removed our children from the Godless schools and took back education?

What if we started spending our dollars at the stores that don’t offend our values?

If American believers used more discretion in choosing how we’re entertained?

If we stopped depending on the government and trusted God to provide?

If Christians in liberal states packed up and moved to conservative states?

What if religious Americans agreed on a worthy candidate, and wrote his name on the ballot in November? The statistics say we number in the 70% range. Last I checked, that’s a majority!

What if Jesus’ followers lived like He did? If we practiced purity and honesty, compassion, humility, servant leadership, selfless charity… on a deeper level?

If we built a renewed reputation of Godly character among our ranks, letting His light shine in a dark world through us?

What if we spoke out and stood up on principles of truth and goodness and right? And suffered the loss and sacrificed the temporal for the eternal?

What would God be willing to do for His people if we’d only step up and really follow Christ? To bow in obedience and give opportunity for Him to show Himself mighty on behalf of those who call on His name?

What might He do, if we would only do something to hold high our light and stop hiding it under a bushel?

The devil’s crowd isn’t afraid to spout his lies and promote his agenda.

Why are we holding back?