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Of the 8-million-plus followers of Donald Trump, not all agree on what they like about him. But the general consensus is, He’ll get the job done. He’s a successful businessman – he knows what it takes to motivate people and accomplish goals.

Since when is our American government a business? And where is it written that the central goal of government is to stabilize/improve the economy? Isn’t economic growth a by-product of a nation’s stability in other areas?

Following the Greatest Generation of the 1940s, generations of Americans born in later years got soft. Values were loosened and prosperity imbibed. Failing to understand the need to govern their offspring and continue governing themselves, children were no longer pointed to their Maker, no longer instilled with a sense of duty to their nation. They forgot what made us great all those years before. And in the forgetting, we ceased being thankful.

Government increases where self-discipline lacks, where families are broken and traditional values have been tossed out or trampled, where no one wants to take responsibility.

Look at our neighborhoods where crime is rampant, schools are policed, streets are unsafe, fathers are absent and welfare is big – and see the common thread.

You’ll find, we’ve missed the point of government altogether.

And we’re about to vote for a ring-master who will entertain us, rather than a president who – by his convictions and example – will lead us. One who knows how to govern himself and his family. One who will continue the journey begun by our forefathers.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Government defined:  direction, control, management, a system of rule.

I don’t see a whole lot there describing our economy or the American Dream.

But wrapped in this image portrayed by the current front-runner lies the idea, if we’re tough enough, we can be like him. With the power, the popularity, the women, the money, the no-care attitude… the whole shebang. Whatever we want.

Our American patriots of three and-a-half centuries past didn’t give their lives for my freedom to indulge. They died for my freedom to live – in a life maintained under righteous governing.


When I govern myself, no one has to do it for me. And when my perspective of government is clear, I’m not fooled by their antics – no matter how loud or smooth, how wealthy or popular the candidates might be.

This Jack Sparrow in a suit keeps telling us, America can be great again. But does he recognize the values and foundational principles that made America great in the first place? Does he grasp the need  for – the priority of – self-government over self-made success?

If not, Americans are about to learn another lesson the hard way. And after the next four years, this country will have relinquished another piece of her soul.