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Don’t forget… don’t forget…

I didn’t. I remembered the car phone charger!

This is good.

At the end of a long day driving and flying, and visiting with my friend – after not seeing each other for 25 years – I closed the guest room door behind me, opened my suit case, and pulled out the charger.

Argh! The wrong one! I forgot the wall charger.

This is bad.


I had two wall chargers at home – approximately 2,500 miles away from where I was that night. In a strange city, with a tight schedule and headed to another strange city. Now I need to find an electronics store, and pray I can find an android charger before the conference starts.

I turned off my phone and got ready for bed. At 2 a.m. Exhausted. Frustrated. Determined not to beat myself up. Not too much, at least.

I know – sort of a first-world problem. I hadn’t run out of food and wasn’t homeless. But being dependent on technology for work requires working pieces and parts at all times.

Soo… I can sit in the car tomorrow morning with my phone plugged in and the A/C on, and have devotions, eat breakfast, do my make up…

And it will charge on the two-hour drive from Jacksonville to Orlando. After that…?

My brain tossed around every possible solution while my heart cried out –

Dear God…



It was late, and there was nothing I could do. Except pray and trust God to work it out. And resist the temptation to panic, quit my job or stay awake worrying. Rehearsing scenarios from past days.

I never forgot the wall charger, but had often left the car charger in my car when flying or renting a car. But this time I was prepared.

So I thought.

I turned it over to Him and went to sleep.

This is holy.

Forget the past. Don’t relive the events behind you. (Except to learn the lesson. Then move forward.) They’re history. Good, bad, holy – doesn’t matter. Right now is where God works. Right here, in the present, in this moment, this space.

These words were penned by Paul – the Christian-hater. An angry, pious Pharisee who dragged believers from their homes, from the marketplace, into the arena. To be mauled to death.

As entertainment.

He’s the one God spoke words of assurance to.

How many times did visions haunt the apostle, of children screaming for their moms, of wives clinging to their husbands, as he led them to a grueling death? Of spectators yelling for more?

I’m learning. Slow but sure.


Thinking back, I remembered His nudge from the week before. Twice, actually… looking at my wall charger plugged in, and opening the drawer where the other one stood by. But I shook it off. Phone charger was written on my list. And I had started the list weeks ahead.

The next morning I mentioned it to my friend.

I have two, she said… Take one with you.

Relief! Praise! Tears of gratitude! Wow!

It wasn’t the stuff of lions and blood and angels welcoming home a faithful saint. But it was the stuff of my life and of responsibilities I’d been given. And on that day, in that space of time in an unfamiliar place, He heard my cry for help and already had planned to meet my need.

Some days the needs are manageable. Other days the needs – and my stupidity or insufficiency – swallow me whole, pound me flat.

And my heart cries, give it up! I’m a loser. (Or maybe I’m getting too old for this?) Why bother trying?

But God whispers, Silly girl, stop worrying. Come to me and rest in my embrace, rejoice in hope, breathe in mercy… and bathe in the endless streams of grace I pour over you.

I come. Crawling, but inching forward. Looking to Him for reassurance. Believing in His words – promises brimming with love. No matter how overwhelming or insignificant my circumstances are.

And fear not, for I am with you… – Isaiah 41:10

To be continued…