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If you’ve been a mom and/or worked with kids for as many years as I have, maybe you’ve noticed it, too.

My baby’s diapers smelled pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as your baby’s diapers and the other woman’s baby’s diapers – and all the rest of those babies’ diapers. And it doesn’t matter how happy or adorable that other baby is.


And my dishes can get real dirty, especially those weeks when I’m driving all over this county and the next, and spending little time at home. My dishes can stink.

After a couple days when I finally have an hour or two to catch up, the old food on those dirty dishes has turned colors or gotten crusty, and starts to reek – almost as bad as those dirty diapers.

Like really, how many of us jump at the chance for kitchen duty at camp?


Unless of course, you’re a guy looking to get to know the cute female dishwasher.

But I’ve been in other people’s homes where the dishes piled up.

One of my friends gave birth to twins. Her two older children were under the age of five, and her husband went to college and worked full-time. Her kitchen was a disaster. She kept apologizing for the mess. But she was one of my best friends, and she needed help, and that’s why I showed up. Instead of tossing every pan, plate, cup and bowl into the dumpster and hosing down the place, I started washing those nasty dishes, one at a time.

While holding my breath – those dishes stunk way worse than mine ever did!

Ever wonder why that is?

It’s the same with sin.

My sin never smells or looks as bad as yours does. And your sin doesn’t offend you nearly as much as mine.

But dirty diapers and dirty dishes are just plain nasty.

Just like sin.

God is offended by all sin, and we should be, too – each of us, starting in our own kitchen.

(If you call, and I don’t answer – you know where I’ll be.)