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Our first parents lived in a paradise under pastel sky, where every morning brought sights and sounds and fragrances to stimulate the senses. Fruits, herbs, vegetables, grains – each plucked ripe and relished in new sensations as juice ran down their chins. This garden of plenty and oasis of delights offered the couple fulfillment in work and leisure.



With canopy surrounding them overhead and thick grass beneath, this environment provided protection and comfort, night and day, perfect in function, design and beauty.

Companionship and conversation were found in each other and with their Maker. Never lonely and never experiencing any sense of fear or anger, worry, envy, turmoil. They communed with the Creator and savored His company, enjoying closeness, fellowship, friendship and intimacy, the security of knowing and being known, of belonging.

And there were no unmet needs, nothing lacking. Every want was satisfied in Him and in His provision. Body, soul and spirit – all found wholeness in the world they were created for and the world created for them.

Two living, breathing, eternal souls in bodies shaped from the same ground they worked in during the day and walked on each evening. Purity and perfection in two innocents.

Because the Father loved.

Only two things God didn’t give them:

  1. His position – God status. (Another had wanted to replace Him, not understanding the impossibility of his demand.)
  2. Access to the knowledge of good and evil.

The Author of life did all He could do and gave all He owned give for the man and woman. If it had been possible to do more, He would have. It there was any more to give, He would have given.

If the very space He created could have been stretched even farther and filled with other galaxies and universes, He would have spoken again, to bring order from chaos and meaning out of nothing.

But at the end of the sixth day, the declaration was made, Very good.

Yet, an Enemy lurked… waiting… whispering… ruining…

In all God was, with all He did, among everything He provided, Adam and Eve weren’t satisfied. Believing the lie, they took what He had forbidden.

God is withholding something good from you… the dark one said.

Then she reached for and shared the one pleasure God told them not to enjoy.

And nothing has since been the same. With Genesis 3 our world and all that we know of life and existence moans under the curse of sin.



When the world turned upside-down, threatening to spin out of His grasp, and the saving of it required still more, the Sovereign One gave – His life, His blood, His all.

Even then, the Father still gave, because the Father still loved.

Is their disobedience a sign of the Father’s failure?

In not getting what He wanted, is He a lesser God?

By allowing choice – and the resulting conflict between good and evil – do we assume He doesn’t love and isn’t good?

Does the presence of evil imply God doesn’t exist or His ways don’t work?

And is all hope lost after the marring?

No. A hundred times, a thousand times, no.

Because, in all this, the Father still loved.

Through the ages, in every Divine gesture we’re given a glimpse into the depths of His love and a growing understanding of His eternal plan… As we think about this love without limits and this God with no equal.

And in the offering of love poured over His creation by the Father, He wants only for me to pour out His love on others.