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It took me awhile to notice the word He used. To realize and reflect on the simplicity of His choice.

In describing Creation at the end of each work day, God declared what He had made to be good.

That’s all.

Not magnificent. Or amazing, awesome, miraculous, incredible or unbelievable.

Only good.

And on that last day when the process stood complete, He again looked at everything He had made, and indeed it was very good.

You and I don’t have the ability to create in the same way God can. Yes, we can be creative, artistic – and some of us more or less than others of us. But we must first start with materials already existing in some form. Fashioned from nature or purchased as art or craft supplies.

Yet, when He looked out at the expanse of nothingness and breathed a few simple words…

when His voice gave command and space opened to embrace the filling…

and shapes of matter appeared…

as stars and planets and light shone to divide the darkness…

and galaxies were set in motion as vibrant colors shimmered, sprinkled across the regions of a universe that had not existed before He willed them to be so…

The Creator created something out of nothing.

(Which is what create means in the literal sense.)

And He called it good.




By His will, by His desire.

Complete in perfected wholeness…

having substance of moral rightness to offer benefit and containing the best and most supreme qualities…

with beauty beyond description and innocence like we’ve not seen since.

All because He determined and He spoke.

Because He is good.

And in creating a world overflowing with life, the first man and woman experienced this goodness as it was in the beginning. In pure, unmarred newness.

Adam and Eve lived satisfied – content and fulfilled with all God provided for them, while living and caring for their home in the Garden, at peace with each other and the One who gave them breath.


We aren’t told how long this Paradise lasted.

But we are told how, on one unforgettable day, they believed the lie – that God was holding out. And they were missing out.

That they deserved more, and had every right to take more. That what they’d been given wasn’t good enough.

And that God wasn’t really good after all.

Because if He was, He wouldn’t withhold something truly good from them.

Surrounded by all comfort and pleasure, being loved, cared for, cherished by the Master, the Designer and Sustainer of the universe, they forgot His words and turned their attention to the one whispering lies…

trusting their ability to reason over their Creator’s declaration of protective love.

And in listening to the Deceiver, they reached for the one thing not intended for them.

Having fallen into the trap that continues to hold humanity and all Creation in its destructive grip – even now, thousands of years later – we still believe the lie.

Reaching for the forbidden, oblivious to the one fact that remains – God is good. And His plan is working good.

Even when we can’t see how. Even when darkness attempts to push away the light. Even while enemy forces oppose, working over-time to blind and deter all who might seek and respond and know the truth.

For those who hold on in trust, choosing to listen to His words and ignoring the contrary, deceptive voices around us…