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When the moon is a pearl…

Not like the harvest moon – a golden jewel fixed above the horizon as evening’s chill descends. While we sit huddled in the stands, cheering on our favorite high school football team. Or make the drive home after a long day at work, drinking in the change of scenery in a push to arrive before dark.

No. On a recent late afternoon this moon hung suspended as a giant pearl.


I walked along our country road, catching glimpses between the hills. All shining and silvery, a glowing orb rising above the mountain range to the east… in a pale mauve sky, touching the autumn landscape with a brush of lavender haze. 

Over to the west, daylight’s last glowing turned scattered slips of clouds a peachy hue against heaven’s blue expanse as the sun lowered – a glorious prelude before evening’s descent.

November is gone and the holiday season is upon us. With only a week or so left to savor these autumn days, I cherish every sight and sound during rare times when I have a free hour to venture outdoors…

Above is the introduction to my new column at a Central Valley newspaper. After nine years, I retired from the weekly Foothills Living column. But at the urging of my editor, I came up with a reason to keep my contract and continue writing – just not as frequently. And on a topic I’m more invested in.

Read about my new adventures in Midlife here. And let me know what you think.