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I’m in Exodus this week, reading about divine provision of manna and quails, and Moses disappearing up a smoking mountain. Those phenomena came after twin walls of water lining the path through an otherwise impassable sea. And a tower of smoke to guide them during the day with a tower of fire protecting them at night.

Stubborn Israelites did the opposite of what Moses told them, the very contrary thing to what God requested – well, okay… what He commanded.

Imagine, silly humans thinking they know more than the great I AM.

Don’t save manna as leftovers for the following day. Some did, and it reeked.

Don’t gather on the Sabbath, there won’t be any on the ground. Some went out anyway and found nothing.

Look at what God will do for you. Remember what He already did. And trust Him – He has your good in mind.

God rescued them from slavery in Egypt.


But after the excitement faded and they found themselves in a strange desert, as each problem arose, they complained. Instead of asking. And trusting.

Yep, their circumstances were challenging, and they’d endured a lot. But when God made Himself known to them in answer to their prayers and brought about change of the miraculous kind, they still held onto their habit of whining.

It took some of them awhile to change their outlook and start seeing things through His perspective, viewing the events colored by His goodness. Others never did learn – and died in that foreign land.

I don’t want to make the same mistake.

God’s plans for me are better than my plans for myself.

Except for the plan to trust. On my end of God’s economy, there is no better plan. It’s the very plan God wants me to make, no matter what I’m facing.