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photos courtesy of Pixabay

What follows is an example of the emails sent to the nonprofit I work with. We receive daily requests for help from pastors and ministry leaders around the world – typically in Africa and Asia. Most of them have assumed care of the orphans and widows in their villages and are overwhelmed by the needs, while having so few resources to meet those needs. They hear about CAFO and request help. (Some think our nonprofit is a church or mission. Email copied here is in its original form; unedited except to clarify.)

Subject: Today service

Hello Pastor,

Today we have worshiped under heavy rain. This is the rainy season here. Since 48hours the rain falls without stopping. Despite the heavy rain, some brothers and sisters in Christ came to worship.

By the grace of God, worship service was excellent. The Holy Spirit allowed me to teach the people of God.

The text: Numbers (13: 25-33) And 2 corth. (5-7)


I told the people that we are more than conquerors in Christ (Rom. 8:37). To walk by faith and become more than victorious, we must understand 3 essential things of victory.


We must understand that victory has already been won by Jesus Christ (1 corth.15-57)


We must confess this victory (2 corth.4-13)


We must possed the victory (josuée 18-3)

The Holy Spirit richly blessed us, and I hope that God has also blessed your worship service today.

May the grace of God rests upon You. Just to greet you and also to give you ours church news. Please continue to pray for us, that the Lord will send us sowers for his work.

Here are some photos during the teaching time.

Many blessings in Jesus name.

Pastor : W. J.




Our nonprofit isn’t an adoption agency or a clearinghouse for material goods. But these pastors don’t know that. All they know is, we work with orphans, and they write to ask for our help. I reply with the standard email directing them to our member orgs working on the ground in their country or region. And sometimes I pray, if the letter tugs at me in some way.

And always I wonder at the vast differences between believers, living and laboring thousands of miles away… some having immense wealth, others burdened by great poverty. Some are educated and refined in speech and ability, while some attended school for only a few years and barely get by.

Yet, mid vast differences, we worship and serve the same God, the only Savior. And when we stand before Him in eternity, we will not be judged on what we had or didn’t have. But on what we did with what we’d been given.

To some, God provides much. To others He gives little. Not because He plays favorites, but because He works within this fallen world and the economic systems in place.


These pastors living in poverty may have only one talent, or maybe half a talent. But for those who have a heart for the work, God will reward their faithfulness – if not now, definitely later. We have His promise.

And to whom much is given, much will be required.

What am I doing in Jesus name?