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Hardly 24 hours had passed when they asked for a sign. They’d been witnesses, participants, when just the day before the Messiah fed thousands of tired, parched and hungry men, women and children with one boy’s lunch – a few rolls of bread and two small fish.

In the hands of Jesus the meager food was transformed into a feast. And 12 baskets of leftovers were collected when all was said and done.

Yet still they asked for validation.

On that incredible afternoon a few in the crowd (including His disciples, possibly?) recognized Him as the Prophet whose coming had been foretold in the Scriptures.

Yet most were oblivious to what had actually taken place and who it was standing central to the miracle.

The next day those who missed it asked Jesus, What sign will You perform then, that we may see it and believe You? What work will You do? Our fathers ate the manna in the desert… He gave them bread from heaven to eat. – John 6:30-31

In other words, So yeah, maybe you fed a crowd, but where’s the food raining down from heaven? If you’re the one we were told would come, let’s see some proof.

Granted, in a crowd that large, not all could hear Him give thanks for the meal. Not everyone saw the original lunch or the little boy who offered it.

No fast food camel caravan showed up on the hillside, no catering company spread out blankets and placed picnic baskets among the diners. Didn’t they wonder where all that food came from? Or were their senses so dulled they just sat, ate, burped, got up and walked away?

Matthew Henry comments on this passage: Were not these very persons the other day miraculously fed by Him? None so blind as they that will not see; for they may be so blind as to question whether it be day or not, when the sun shines in their faces.


Where the sun shines, how many shiver from lack of warmth and grope for a flashlight to find their way?

And how often does the light of God’s goodness and the power of His divinity shine bold and bright in my life – in my personal space – and I miss it? With the windows of my soul shuttered and the shades pulled down… Fumbling in chilled darkness of fear and doubt or pride, ignorance, self-absorption, self-sufficiency – how many times am I oblivious and entirely insensitive to the work being accomplished right where I live at this very moment?

Where’s the miracle, Jesus? I’m waiting… we’re waiting… If you’re really God, why aren’t You doing more for me?

Americans in this 21st century are not so different from the occupants of ancient lands and eras.





But, Father God, I do not want to go through life blind to Your workings and unfeeling of Your presence. Help me to see and recognize You, to learn of You, to grow in my knowledge of You and Your ways. Please don’t let me go through this life nearsighted and lacking spiritual perception, out of tune with my Creator and Savior. Because I don’t want to miss the miracles taking place every day and every moment all around me.

Open my eyes, Lord. I want to see Jesus.