My Own Red Sea


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Even after watching the miracles of a lifetime lived in pursuit of greater faith, there are days when once again I stand at the Red Sea and wonder, How will I make it across?

Faith was small in the early years. Like squeezing a forgotten lemon.

C’mon, God would whisper, just a few more drops…

With experience and time, and prayer that clung to timid hope, small faith grew to larger faith. And daily faith. And more recently faith at peace.

But still the Red Sea causes me to catch my breath… especially when I see it for the first time.

Another one?!?

My life has been so full of obstacles and brick walls and deep waters, I suppose I’ve been hoping to get past all the hard places and be allowed to coast for a bit.

But no…

That’s not the way of the Savior.

photos courtesy of Unsplash & Pixabay

Walking long dusty roads, tiny stones and sand slipping into my shoes to annoy, and up another hill – I’m expecting more desert on the other side. However in reaching the top, laying just over the peak, I’m presented with an impasse. There it lay spread out before me: a massive body of water (over 10 miles across at the Gulf of Aqaba) and many more miles long.

With no way of getting beyond it.

And in that moment my heart sinks. With feet rubbed raw and blistered, doubts and second thoughts and the voice of critics mock my belief that this is the way God led me. But instead of panic, I once again pray. No longer the desperate cries – with real tears – of a naïve young woman. Instead a confident, seasoned believer who recognizes her worth as a most loved daughter of the King.

So I come to reason with my Daddy.

Did I make a wrong turn, or is this Red Sea also part of Your plan?

He assures me I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. And yes, another Red Sea barricades my way, threatening to keep me miles apart from the blessing on the other side.

Remember the vision I gave you? Remember. And remember too, no barrier is out of reach from My power. But I’m not gonna just hand you the blessing. How much do you want this?

I know what He means.

Will I carve time from my fleeting days to draw close and pray, to plead for good to overcome evil, to reach in the depths of my soul to find out how serious I am about this faith walk… to show Him how desperately I desire His intimacy…

To claim my right as a spiritual daughter to come into His presence and make my request known…

Will I wrestle on my knees and cling and not let go? Not merely for the thing sought, but for another sighting of Him, for another pouring of His favor on my being and in my life.


Not just because I want the blessing on the other side, but because He wants it for me. And what He wants is what I want.

I meditate on words He spoke before I started on this particular path. And I choose to gaze at potential lying on the other side. Because that’s where the vision is, and that’s where I’m headed – to the place where God wants me in the not too distant future.

Setting my spiritual sights on His promise, I know what I must think about and focus on and believe in: His gentle words to me, His plans and vision for me.  (Why would I want anything less than?)

I must not dwell on the obvious impossibility of the task. Since God showed me where He’s leading, it must mean that crossing is not impossible, but is in every real tangible way, very much within the realm of divine possibility.

Jesus said to him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help my unbelief! – Mark 9:23-24

I choose to believe in the God who so easily does the impossible, and will do the unimaginable even for me.

Like releasing a precious son from evil spirits…

Speaking galaxies into existence…

And commanding the wind and waves to stop…

Like feeding thousands of hungry people with one boy’s lunch.

Impossible? Yes. But fully within the job description of the Almighty.

Sometimes it takes years to grasp the magnitude of this truth. That the Master of the Universe as my loving Father intentionally places or allows the barriers – mountains behind, a sea in front, and the enemy in pursuit – to grow my faith. To deepen and enlarge my faith beyond anything I would expect. And to draw me into partnership with Him.

Thy Kingdom come.

What if I asked God more often for something only He can do? How would that change my life? And within this scenario, is there the possibility of it changing yours as well?

My own Red Sea is no longer an obstacle but an amazing opportunity. To stand and see the salvation of the Lord!

Am I brave enough? Daring enough? Trusting enough?

In pondering, I know there is only one answer. I must keep believing – to choose a life saturated with belief, taking foward steps in this walk of faith. I must call on my God without giving up or giving in to what is easy or comfortable or overly cautious. No more retreating into my safe corner of the world, so as not to get in anyone’s way…

Rather, moment by moment declaring His goodness and seeking this Maker of the Red Sea, this Author of my story…

This Creator of every possibility that honors Him and nurtures others and raises me to a new level of faith. As I take the first step toward the other side of the Red Sea.

To where the vision is.